At Sisitech, we believe in the power of technology to revolutionize our day to day life. Therefore, we have invested in designing solutions for problems we encounter every so often; in the fields of Music and Volunteering.

You make the music, we keep watch. Request Africa introduces a whole new dimension of music discovery and royalty management.
Request Africa
‘Request Africa is a Kenyan based start-up company that has leveraged on the power of technology to develop an airplay monitoring solution for Africa’s music and media industry. We have developed a web and mobile application that allows musicians to easily monitor their music from platforms such as radio, TV, Internet streams and social media, and share real-time updates on where their music is being played most.’ - Note from founder (Ali Dennis)
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Changing the world through volunteering, feel good for doing good from wherever you are.
Sauti Platform
Sauti (Swahili word, meaning - Voice), is a volunteering platform that provides an easy to create and conduct volunteering events in Kenya. It provides tasks verification through block-chain algorithms and connects organizers to volunteers of specified group, volunteers are invited to express interest and confirm availability through the platform while organizers harness the event management tools with the platform. Through the system, members are able to redeem their good deeds at selected stores.
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Enhancing the power of music-talent indentification through the music playlists sharing.
Request Discover
Request Discover enhances the power of music talent identification and local content identification through a web-based playists creation and music sharing platform. The platform seeks to promote upcoming artists by providing fast visibility through an ever-growing pool of influencers and music lovers.
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